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Interior Design Best of the Year Awards 2014

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“The innovative Monroe Daybed is designed with a nostalgic eye to mid-century modernism. It functions beautifully as a bed or chaise, but can just as suitably be purposed as a bench or divan.”



A Special Thanks to Franklin Report

A Sincere thank you to the Franklin Report and to my loyal clients and friends for the kind words.

The kind of business owner who “does the measurements himself,” Luigi Gentile is a rarity in the upholstery trade. His 2,500 square-foot BESPOKE showroom is a sea of plush muslin; blank canvases awaiting transformation as clients search for their muse. Gentile will then work with their sketches or start from scratch – on the spot – with his own original designs. His list of returning clients include renowned interior designers John Barman, Brett Beldock, and Scott Salvator, who all gush at his ability to cater to their signature styles. They consider Gentile a designer as well and rely on his innovative craftsmanship for challenges as big as 37-foot curtains. Gentile is the unanimous go-to guy when a project requires functionality with the look of opulence, some “Luigi flair” as they call it.

After serving as president of marketing and design at Avery Boardman for 25 years, Gentile opened his own firm in 2012 with a team of 20 employees. All of his pieces begin with a maple frame, are cushioned with a custom combination of down and feather hypoallergenic filling, and are supported by 8-way hand-tied springs using Italian twine and jute webbing. His pieces can take up to twelve weeks, but clients agree that Gentile is very upfront about timing and progress. He insists clients remain a part of the production and is very open to in-person check-ups by the designers or virtual updates for those unable to make it to the Clifton, NJ factory. While his services are at the pricier end of the industry, everyone confesses that, given his involvement and meticulousness, “you get more than what you pay for.” Though he sells to the trade only, in some circumstances designers say they’ll request he work one-on-one with their clients, claiming Gentile is the only one they permit this sort of relationship with. More than just a veteran upholsterer, Luigi Gentile redefines “custom-made” with his eye for luxury and a work ethic based around personal involvement.

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